numana 060Share the Bounty is a group of Christian people in Southwest Kansas who raise funds and host meal packing events for Numana, Inc. The idea for Share the Bounty began at a small country church, Wilroads Gardens Christian Church, outside Dodge City Kansas. It has grown to include many churches in Dodge City and surrounding towns.

Numana Inc is a non-profit charity focusing on relieving world hunger. Its headquarters are in El Dorado, Kansas. Numana, Inc’s efforts focus on meal bags containing rice, soy, freeze-dried beans, vitamins and minerals. Numana, Inc relies on local organizations to raise the money to buy the food, furnish a building for packing the food and recruit volunteers to help pack. Each meal bag will feed 6 people. Under Numana, Inc’s model, the cost of one meal is $0.25. According to Numana, Inc; ten people can package up to 1,500 meals in one hour.

Results of our past packing events:

  • 2010 – $72,286 was raised to pack 272,872 meals for Haiti.
  • 2011 – $62548 was raised¬† to pack 222,264 meals for to Africa.
  • 2012 – $55,395 was raised to pack 216,114 meals for Africa and Vietnam.

In each of these past three years, over 1,200 people volunteered each year.